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Институт механики и машиноведения имени академика У.А.Джолдасбекова  КН МОН РК


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First Informational announcement

Joldasbekov Umirbek Arislanovich


 Academician of NAS RK, founder and first director of the Institute of mechanics and mechanical engineering from 1991 to 1994. 

Second International Joldasbekov Symposium

«Future Mechanics»

March 1-5, 2021, Almaty, Republic of Kazakhstan

Dear colleagues!



Invite you from March 1 to 5, 2021 to take part in the Forum:

Almaty, Republic of Kazakhstan

(Work site of the Symposium: http://immash.com/index/conference/0-35 )













  1. Zhumagulov B.Т., academician of National Academy of Sciences of Republic of Kazakhstan (NAS RK), Chairman
  2. Wolfson I.I., professor (Russia), Honorary Chairman
  3. Tuleshov А.К., corresponding member of NAS RK, Deputy Chairman
  4. Temirbekov N.М., corresponding member of NAS RK, Deputy Chairman
  5. Abdraimov E.S., professor (Kyrgyzstan)
  6. Akhmedov D.Sh., professor (Kazakhstan)
  7. Alexeeva L.А., professor (Kazakhstan
  8. Alshanov R.А., academician of National Engineering Academy (NEA) and International Engineering Academy (IEA) (Kazakhstan)
  9. Amirgaliyev Ye.N., corr. member of NAS RK (Kazakhstan)
  10. Baigunchekov Zh.Zh., academician of NAS RK (Kazakhstan)
  11. Bissembayev К., professor (Kazakhstan)
  12. Ceccarelli Marco, professor (Italy)
  13. Dosmukhambetov Т.М., academician of NEA RK (Kazakhstan)
  14. Dzhamalov N.К., candidate of technical sciences (Kazakhstan)
  15. Dzhomartov А.Ch., academician of NEA RK, IEA (Kazakhstan)
  16. Dzhomartov А.А., doctor of technical sciences (Kazakhstan)
  17. Dzhumatayev М.S., academician of NAS KR (Kyrgyzstan)
  18. Dzhurayev А.D. professor (Uzbekistan)
  19. Glazunov V.А., professor (Russia)
  20. Guskov А.М. professor (Russia)
  21. Halicioglu R., профессор (Турция)
  22. Ibrayev S.М., professor (Kazakhstan)
  23. Iskakov Zh., professor (Kazakhstan)
  24. Ivanov К.S., professor (Kazakhstan)
  25. Jacek Cieslik, профессор (Польша)
  26. Kalimoldayev М.N., academician of NAS RK (Kazakhstan)
  27. Kalmenov T.Sh., academician of NAS RK (Kazakhstan)
  28. Kaltayev А.Zh., professor (Kazakhstan)
  29. Khomchenko V.G., professor (Russia)
  30. Koshekov К.Т., corr. member of NAS RK (Kazakhstan) 
  31. Kydyrbekuly А.B., professor (Kazakhstan)
  32. Matsevity Yu.М., academician of Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (Ukraine)
  33. Moldabekov М.М., academician of NAS RK (Kazakhstan)
  34. Nadirov N.К., academician of NAS RK (Kazakhstan)
  35. Ozhikenov К.А., professor (Kazakhstan)
  36. Panovko G.Ya., professor (Russia)
  37. Rakisheva Z.B., professor (Kazakhstan)
  38. Sadybekov M.A., corr. member NAS RK
  39. Seidakhmet А.Zh., professor (Kazakhstan)
  40. Smelyagin А.I., professor (Russia)
  41. Teltayev B.B., corr. member of NAS RK (Kazakhstan)
  42. Temirbekov Ye.S., professor (Kazakhstan)
  43. Ualiyev G.U., academician of NAS RK (Kazakhstan)
  44. Waldemar Wojcik, профессор (Польша)
  45. Yevsukov S.А., professor (Russia)
  46. Zhantayev Zh.Sh., professor (Kazakhstan)
  47. Zhappasbayev U.K., professor (Kazakhstan)

Joldasbekov Umirbek Arislanovich  - is a mechanician of world-wide reputation, doctor of technical sciences, professor, academician of NAS RK, founder of scientific school of theory of mechanisms and machines in Kazakhstan. Joldasbekov U.А. is also a founder of the theory of high-class mechanisms based on multi-link linkages, methods of dynamics and stability of flow machines of aggregates, such as СТБ, drawing mills and others. He is the author of widely recognized textbooks on theoretical mechanics and the theory of mechanisms and machines in Kazakh language and many monographs on the theory of high-class mechanisms. Also, U. A. Joldasbekov is a prominent state and public figure who made an invaluable contribution to the development of the system of higher education and science in Kazakhstan.

The Presidium of the National Engineering Academy of the Republic of Kazakhstan as a Honorary President of the Second International Joldasbekov’s Symposium on  "Mechanics of the future" offered the Honorary academician of NEA RK, doctor of technical sciences, Professor Wolfson Joseph Isaakovich – the colleague and the friend of the academician Joldasbekov Umirbek. Wolfson I.I. -  is a well-known scientist, the author of many textbooks and monographs on the dynamics of cyclic machines and mechanisms, founder of an analytical methods for studying vibrational modes and vibration of mechanical systems. It should be noted that in 2021, professor Joseph Isaakovich Wolfson celebrates his 90th anniversary.




For planar reports

  1. Current items of theoretical mechanics
  2. Fluid mechanics
  3. Mechanics of deformable bodies and materials
  4. General problems of mechanics of machine and robots
  5. Computational mechanics

Conference on problems of mechanics of machines and robotics

  1. Mathematical and computer modelling in the field of applied mechanics
  2. Dynamics, strength and reliability of machines and robots
  3. Vibrations in mechanical and robot systems 
  4. Machine learning and design of robot systems
  5. Artificial intelligence and digital technologies 
  6. Mechanics of new materials and nanoconstructions
  7. Information and space technologies
  8. Engineering and educational technologies
  9. Problems and prospects of student science

Working languages of the Symposium – English, Kazakh and Russian.

Places where the online event of the Symposium are organized:

–  NEA RK, Gylym ordasy, IMME after academician U.A. Joldasbekov, KazNU after al-Farabi, Satpayev University.


        For view and print out the paper version of the Program and full information about the conference, follow the link and download the materials - here>>

To get acquainted with the history and scientific achievements of the Institute of mechanics and mechanical engineering named after academician U.A.Dzholdasbekov, go to the Symposium website at the link - here>>











Registration fee: for participants from the Republic of Kazakhstan and CIS countries – 5000 tenge, for foreign participants - $30 in tenge at the exchange rate of the National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan on the day of payment, for doctoral students-50% of the contribution amount (2500 tenge). Reports of students and master’s students are accepted free of charge.

The registration fee includes the cost for:

technical support of the conference;

publication of the proceedings of the international conference IC MMR in a peer-reviewed collected book in the Scopus database;

postal services (including mailing of collection of scientific papers to foreign participants);

expendable materials.

Payment of one registration fee grants the right to receive one collection of scientific papers by author or the author's team.

Address and Bank details for payment of the registration fee:

RSE on the REM «Institute of Mechanics and Mechanical Engineering after academician U.A.Joldasbekov» of the CS MES RK

Address: 29, Kurmangazy street, 050010, Almaty city; Tel. 8 (727) 272-62-84 (accounting office), 272-62-70 (reception).

References: BIN 040740002682

IIC KZ969650000070624173


SC «ForteBank» 

BC 16

Tel: 8 (727) 272-62-84

To participate in the Symposium, it is necessary:

By February 01, 2021 to send a registration card for each author and information on the report: full name of the author (s) of the report, title and abstract of the report with the sign: C - Symposium, K - international conference and S - school of young scientists (to do this please follow a link:


After receiving notification of the inclusion of the report in the Reading program, send the full text of the report up to 5-6 full A4 pages by February 01, 2021 by E-mail: immash1991@gmail.com , alternatively, you can download the full report file here on the website by clicking on the link    http://immash.com/index/feedback/0-41   and by filling in the required fields marked with an asterisk!!!

Pay the registration fee by February 05, 2021, and send a confirmation of the payment (a copy of the payment order) by E-mail:  immash1991@gmail.com .

Best reports will be published in scientific journals:   

«Vestnik NAS RK»; «Izvestiya NAS RK (Series chemistry and technology, series physics and mathematics)», which were selected by Clarivate Analytics for indexing and referencing in the Database Emerging Sources Citation Index; and also in «Izvestiya NAS RK. Series geology and engineering science», which is indexed in the Database SCOPUS (Elsevier) and in Vestnik NEA RK. 

In addition, electronic versions of publications will be posted on the website: 



The text of the abstract is preferably in English (at the request of the author in Kazakh and Russian languages), submitted in electronic (by e-mail) form, in the MS Word editor.

Volume – 1 page. A4 format, margins: 25 mm on the left, 20 mm – the rest; Times New Roman font, 14 pt.; single line spacing, width alignment.

The title of the report (under it-in Kazakh or Russian) is placed in the center and typed in capital letters in bold, 16 pt. Then, after a line, the initials and surnames of the authors are printed, indicating their positions, academic degrees and titles (in lowercase letters, 14 pt.). On the new line – the name of the organization. Below is the abstract in English, then-in Kazakh or Russian.

Note:   please do not use formulas and notations typed in the math editor MathType in the text of the abstract, as when uploading abstracts to the automatic Registration form, they will not be read correctly from the database!!! 

Dear colleagues, to REGISTER for the conference ONLINE, please follow the link:


Address of the Organizing Committee:

29, Kurmangazy Street, 050010, Republic of Kazakhstan, Almaty city

RSE on the REM «Institute of Mechanics and Mechanical Engineering after academician U.A.Joldasbekov» of the CS MES RK

If you have any questions about the conference, please contact us by e-mail: immash1991@gmail.com 

or by telephone:  +7(727) 272-34-26, tel/fax: +7(727) 272-62-70.

Khabiyev Alibek Talgatbekovich (mobile: +7 707 356 46 95)

Kuatova Moldir Zhangeldiyevna (mobile: +7 771 5070577)

Isjanova Karlygash Kojanovna (mobile: +7 707 2612967)




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